Solution for publishers

AdPlatform is Httpool’s proprietary Ad Network Solution.

AdPlatform serves as ad manager, optimization and exchange and is an ideal tool for:

  • premium publishers for monetization of their secondary inventory,
  • niche publishers as the main ad server and
  • mobile publishers for their entire inventory across mobile websites and applications.

Key features:

  • All pricing models: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPP, CPE (Cost Per Engagement).
  • Optimization: prioritizing ads based on effective CPM.
  • Exchange: AdPlatform integrates 3rd party ad networks and exchanges, including AdSense and DAX, enabling backfill.
  • Full control: across pricing, ad products, positions and revenue sources.
  • Automated and fully localized billing process.
  • Multilingual contextual system.
  • One interface: for desktop and mobile advertising.