AdPlatform is Httpool’s proprietary cross channel and cross device ad solution.

AdPlatform powers Httpool’s secondary premium ad network. It is offered to publishers as a free cross channel and cross device ad manager, optimization and exchange while advertisers use it for cross channel and cross device campaign execution.

Cross channel, cross device platform

AdPlatform enables advertising across multiple channels, from Display, Video, to high impact Engagement channel, and Social.

Additionally, AdPlatform enables delivery across local and global publishers across desktop and mobile.

Cross channel, cross device platform

AdPlatform’s Social Tool

AdPlatform includes Social media tool for Facebook advertising management. Its advanced features ensure efficiency and convenience of campaign management and enable highest ROI for advertisers.

Key features of AdPlatform’s Social tool:

  • creation of ad permutations
  • audience segmentation by gender, age, interest categories, etc.
  • automated campaign management with rules
  • optimization across ad groups
  • advanced analytics by audience segments
AdPlatform's Social Tool

Viewable impressions

Ahead of the industry initiative, AdPlatform has been charging for viewable rather than served impressions since 2008, saving advertisers 35% of the budget on average.

Viewable impressions are becoming an industry standard and a part of the initiative “ Making Measurement Make Sense ” (3MS). It is a cross industry initiative by IAB, ANA and 4A’s, committed to defining digital media metrics across all devices.

Viewable impressions


AdPlatform is measuring any type of interaction within the ad, such as video play, locate nearest store, view gallery, order catalogue, etc. Type of interaction depends on advertising objective and is applicable for rich media ad formats.
Interactions are very valuable for:
  • branding marketers, to enable longer brand engagement
  • for driving conversions within the ad, shortening the path to conversion
  • and analysis of customers preferences.

Integrated and licensed technologies and inventory sources