It’s the age of multiscreen and multitasking.

By 2017 there will be 3.6 billion internet users, while half of the Internet traffic will come from mobile devices.

Internet has changed how consumers communicate, learn, entertain and make purchase decisions. Consumers are seamlessly using multiple devices, constantly posting on Facebook, watching TV on mobile devices, sending questions on conferences via Twitter and buying goods by scanning QR codes on posters on subway. As media is converging and users are multitasking, advertising tactics need to adapt.

Mobile devices are one of the major drivers of accelerated growth of digital media consumption. Smartphones and tablets are convenient, simple to use and more affordable, thus providing access to engaged users anywhere and anytime.

  • Benefits of advertising across devices: applying similar creatives across desktop and mobile enables efficiency and stronger branding impact with greater frequency and consistency of advertising messages.
  • Targeting: besides desktop targeting options, mobile enables hyper-local targeting, on a city or street level, hence enabling delivery of ads to users close to specific locations and stores.
  • Mobile placements: ads are delivered across global and local mobile applications as well as mobile websites, across Display, Video, Engagement, Social and SEM channels.


Httpool multiscreen and multitasking